Hello everyone! Welcome to the Eovan channel. Recently people seem to be confused about our new design remote, the new GTO Silo remote is completely different from the GTS Super, many people think it's a "downgrade" option and think it's not easy to use. Don't worry, I will introduce our new remote control to you in detail.


First of all, in terms of appearance, we have changed the design of the new remote from the GTS Super's scroll wheel design to an upward or downward slider design, and while everyone seems to like the scroll wheel design, but this one actually feels very natural to use. Thank you very much for liking our old remote design, but because we received some feedback from our customers before, they felt that our old remote was only suitable for right hand use, and the display of the remote control would be blocked when switching to the left hand. So for this new remote control, we took into account everyone's usage habits and chose this design which is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed use, we hope more people will have a comfortable experience when using Eovan electric skateboard.


Secondly, the reason why we replaced the new remote control is that the battery and ESC system of our new Eovan GTO SILO have been greatly upgraded, and we will not use the ordinary control system to match. In order to improve the using experience, we have gone through a long time testing and finally chose this more matching control system. Unlike the traditional roller remote control, this time we redeveloped a more stable potentiometer, which is more sensible and stable than the scroll's hall, and the acceleration and deceleration curves are more sensitive and the acceleration stroke is longer. We put in the cruise control function this time, acceleration or braking cruise control will stop.


The Four Speed Modes of Eovan New Remote:

Mode 1: Up to 16mph or 25km/h

Mode 2: Up to 25mph or 40km/h

Mode 3: Up to 31mph or 50km/h

Mode 4: Up to 39mph or 62km/h


Finally, let's look at some of the questions we have collected.

Q1: Do we have the option to adjust the power of acceleration?A1: Our new remote control speed has been made linear control, so the adjustment of acceleration force has been canceled.


Q2: Can this remote control be used on GTS Super?

A2: Our new remote control cannot be used on GTS Super. Eovan GTO SILO uses a new ESC system, so the new remote control is not compatible with GTS Super.


Q3: Is the remote control Type C or Micro USB?

A3: USB.


Q4: How long does the battery of the new remote control last when it is fully charged?

A4: We have assembled the new remote control with a 700mah battery, which can last 6 hours on a full charge.


If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or send us an email. Thank you for your support and understanding, I believe this time, you will have a brand new experience!

December 19, 2022 — Erin Alyssa


richard james smallwood said:

我正在尝试为我的 eovan 筒仓获取控制器

Rick said:

How do you change acceleration curve and othersettings for this control – I don;t think I have a manual for it ? Do I need an app ?

Bryan said:

How do you change the braking power?

Don said:

How do you change the remote to display mph instead of km/h?

Noah said:

Can I use the old remote from the gts of the gto

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