Good News! The pre-sale of our new arrivals Eovan GTO Silo Electric Skateboards has ended, and shipping is now back to normal.

Please note these after receiving product:

We have a few things to remind you about Eovan GTO Silo Electric Skateboard. If there are any that we have not noticed, please feel free to contact us.


Note 1: How to switch the double kingpin into the single kingpin?

Eovan: If you want to change to a single-king-pin truck, you need to buy another single-layer base. This product is now available for sale on our website. $75 for a pair. If you want to know the specific installation process, you can contact our customer service staff.


Note 2: Without a cover plate on the top of the front truck?

Eovan: This small plate we canceled on the new model. The old model with that plate is used to install the bridge countersunk head screw positioning. Our new model does not need this function. If you need it, you can make a note when you place an order and we will give this red plate free for you.


Note 3: Motor Guard and Gear Guard are different but the price is the same.

Our new gearbox version has a separate guard for the gearbox. If you buy the belt version, you can just buy the same motor guard as the GTS Super. We are now selling the gear guard on our website, so please pay attention to the model of your skateboard when you buy it.


If you want to buy it, please don't hesitate. The sooner you buy, the better the price. If you buy two or more, we can give an additional discount for you. If you want to know any news about the discount, you can email us at


January 10, 2023 — Erin Alyssa

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