Some time ago, some of our customers were so dissatisfied with our customer service experience that they were disappointed with the Eovan brand, while a lot of negative comments about our brand appeared. The purpose of writing this blog is to let our regular customers and some customers who haven't bought our skateboards yet to be able to understand our customer service process. We hope you can understand that Eovan is an honest and reliable company, although there are some aspects we don't do very well, we are always trying to improve all our services and we will try our best to help our customers solve their problems. Of course, we dare not brag that we can do the most perfect, there may always be something that cannot satisfy you, as long as you have any ideas or suggestions, no matter which aspects, you can always tell us, so that we can grow faster and better.


First of all, we would like to express our deepest apologies to our customers who were disappointed with our customer service some time ago, because there was a major staff transfer within the company, we did not have enough staff to handle customer information in time during the handover period, which led to many problems. We hope you can understand that there are always unexpected situations and Eovan is still a growing company, we do have some shortcomings but we are trying to improve step by step. Thank you to our customers who have been with us and understand us, and welcome more enthusiasts to join our Eovan family.


Secondly, let me tell you about our service process. After we receive feedback from our customers, we need pictures or videos showing the problem, then we will send the pictures and videos and your problem description to our technicians to determine what is wrong with your product. If it is determined that the product is normally damaged and you are still under warranty, we will immediately send you a free replacement part. If the damage is not normal, we will tell the customer what parts need to be replaced and offer a discount for the customer to buy new parts or send them some replacement parts for free after they buy other necessary parts. Eovan actually makes a lot of efforts in customer service and our customer service staff will learn about electric skateboards in order to help our customers better. We take customer service very seriously and we do our best to make our customers happy as long as their needs are reasonable. Of course, our dedicated service is not only for customers who have bought our skateboards, but also for all those who have not bought our skateboards, we will try our best to reply to any questions they have.


We check emails from our customers every day and make sure we try to answer them as soon as possible, but there may be times when our technicians are too busy to reply in time, so we hope you can understand. We also check all emails before the end of the day to make sure we haven't missed anything. I would like to remind you that please make sure the email address you send is the one indicated on our website, sometimes customers send emails to some email addresses we don't commonly use, so we can't receive the message notification in time, but as long as we see it, we will definitely reply.


We attach great importance to our customer service and insist on actively helping our customers to solve their problems, so we always ask our customers to send some pictures or videos of their problems after we receive their feedback, not only to confirm where the problems are, but also to collect more feedback so that we can report to our R&D staff to understand where our products need to be improved, so that we can improve the quality of our products. At the same time, we also need the active cooperation of our customers in order to solve problems. We need our customers to tell us the truth so that we can try to help you instead of spending too much time discussing unnecessary things. It is also very important that we want our customers to be able to calm down, we understand that it is hard to talk calmly when there is a problem, you can vent your emotions, but please don't be hostile to us, which leads to problems without timely feedback. We want Eovan to be a brand that people can trust.


We know we have a lot to live up to, but trust us, we're doing our best to make sure our customers have a great experience. Of course it will take time to prove it and we hope you will stay with Eovan. If you encounter any problems or if you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to contact us at

December 08, 2022 — Erin Alyssa


Kyle Clemins said:


I have a gto silo I received in early June. Recently the control has been lagging. I will push it up for speed and nothing will happen then it will suddenly accelerate. Was working great until last week. What should I do?


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