Guillaume Esk8Bricks is an electric skateboarder from France and I introduce you to the most fun and practical way to move through videos, tutorials, ride reports, and beautiful pictures. Here is what he shared about electric skateboards.


I bought my first Esk8, an Exway X1 pro, as my 40th birthday present in 2019. I was looking for a fun, practical and easy to transport vehicle. Plus, as a snowboarder, I'm always looking for that same feeling, every day, every time, anywhere! That's exactly how I feel on the Esk8. That's exactly how I felt on the Esk8.


But soon, I felt I needed more: more power, more range, more consistent speed and more carving ability. That's why I chose the Eovan skateboard, especially their design (the muscle look of the RF125 is absolutely insane!) I chose the Eovan GTS Carbon Pro board for 2021 for many reasons: it's a 2-in-1 board with excellent specs and an affordable price.



I'm totally in love with it, riding it as often as possible, riding it to work, eating bread (I'm from France ;-)) or for any other reason! I take it with me everywhere.


I take it everywhere I go: what better feeling than riding an ESK8 along the beach at sunset?



On top of that, I'm proud to pass on the joy of riding to my kids. My 10 year old daughter has her own Esk8 and my little guy rode his when he was 3. It was fun to see this little boy riding by himself.



After all those hours and kilometers on the GTS Carbon Pro, I was really happy to discover the new GTO silo, which for me is a kind of "GTS Carbon Ultimate".


For me, the biggest improvement is the battery (the Panasonic battery in the Pro version has a little sag): more capacity and higher discharge rate. I would really like to see the benefits of gearing. the DKP trucks also seem to have a different new bushing configuration: hopefully this will help avoid or limit speed wobble at speed and keep the unique sculpted feel of the DKP plates.



In fact, they have improved the board in so many ways that it's safe to assume we won't be disappointed with its performance.


If you have anything want to share with us, don't hesitate to send us a message.


November 22, 2022 — Erin Alyssa

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