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Welcome to our series of interviews with electric skateboard players. In order to learn more about what people think about electric skateboards and to gather suggestions for our Eovan brand, we have started this series of blog updates. In addition to YouTube video creators, we will also invite our clients to participate in our interviews.

Today's player is  Esk8 NYC. He is an e-skate enthusiast.



Q1: When did you start playing with electric skateboards? What was your first impression of electric skateboards?

A1: I always had a passion for electric skateboard even when I didn’t have it. I first discovered electric skateboards from Casey Neistat on YouTube when he first introduced the boosted boards around 2015. I always wanted an electric skateboard but the price was too steep, and my parents thought it was a waste of money. When I started working at a summer job I was able to buy my first electric skateboard around September 2019 near my birthday, I was barely able to afford it. It was a cheap budget board around $400. My first impression was I’m throwing my longboard away and this electric skateboard will change everything making it one of my favorite hobbies.


Q2: How did you get in touch with Eovan electric skateboards? What do you think of Eovan electric skateboards?

A2: I first saw Eovan Skateboards from YouTube starting from last year November 2021 when the Eovan GTS super was introduced. I thought the board was very well polished especially the Maroon Deck and interesting that was the first time I saw a VESC in a 2-in-1 production electric skateboard. I saw a couple of race videos with the Eovan put up against with other competitors and I was impressed by the performance of the Eovan GTS Carbon Super.



Q3: Can you share some of your experiences riding with Eovan skateboards? For example, what places have you been, what interesting things have you met, and can you share some photos?

A3: The Eovan board I was sent by far had the longest range, I was able to ride out into the State of Jersey with the Eovan board with fast riding trips up to 20miles and slow and long trips getting up to 32miles of range. I have ridden all the way to Liberty State Park (20 mile trip), and I hit 1st Place during the Broadway Bomb Esk8 Event. I always had a terrible experience with my signal connection cutting out time to time in the city but the Eovan board did not cut out at all during that 8mile race so I’m happy to say I will be able to use this board in the city very frequently. Overall I have been able to ride around and enjoy the very little things on road and off road as it has that high ground clearance and the 7inch off-road tires leaving the deck scratch-less



Q4: What do you think about the Eovan electric skateboard that needs to be improved? Please tell us your most honest thoughts. Any suggestion may be our direction of improvement in the future.

A4: Some things Eovan needs to Improve is the concave of the deck, add more flares and a nice dropdown so the rider feels more confident craving at higher end speeds. Add Cupped washers in the front truck as well makes the board feel more stable. Lastly please don’t change the remote design it’s very unique and a lot of people will like that remote overall.


Q5: What do other electric skateboarders around you think about Eovan skateboards?

A5: Other skaters noticed the board quickly because of its unique appearance with the deck and motors. They were impressed by the performance and hill climb of the board. We did a bunch of races and it outperformed all of them lol. Even the Ebike community got a chance to try out the Eovan and some were surprised from the power and how stable it was after riding.



Q6: What problems have you encountered while using Eovan electric skateboard? What do you think are the precautions to take when using Eovan electric skateboard? (You can also share your experience of falling down)

A6: The way the VESC is programmed is definitely not beginner friendly. The acceleration curve is exponential no matter which mode you ride in which could be different for beginners riders. Also when you accelerate and let go of the throttle the sudden jerk might throw you off if your not a beginner rider. There’s not really any problems with the board it’s more of what can be improved with the board because of its uniqueness and it holds that potential. Some precautions I would take is to wear a helmet 100% and wear protective gear just to be safe so you don’t get scraped up. I haven’t had any falls on the Eovan board luckily but the worst fall I had was speed wobbling 30mph resulting in swollen kneecap’s and scraped up elbows and skinless palms, so please wear a helmet and protection so you could never miss out riding.


Q7: How long have you known the Eovan brand? Which Eovan skateboards have you used and which one do you think you like the most or are looking forward to the most?

A7: I’ve known the Eovan brand for a year now. The Eovan GTS Super was my very first Eovan board and surprisingly I never ran into anyone with a Eovan board. This is the only Eovan I have ridden however I am sure the GTO SILO is 10x better with the major and minor improvements they have done to that board.


Q8: What do you think of Eovan's new GTO SILO?

A8: The GTO SILO looks better than ever and I’m glad the Eovan team has looked into consideration from their customers with all of the minor changes they have done to the board. What I’m most excited is the metal gear drive and the fact that there’s a gear drive option available for smaller wheels as well.



Q9: Many people think electric skateboarding is a dangerous sport, what do you think? Why do you like to play electric skateboard?

A9: Electric Skateboarding is definitely a dangerous sport and it’s not meant for everybody. However if you are willing to try and learn and improve your skills, you can definitely become a great rider. I enjoy riding electric skateboards because it is out of the ordinary. I don’t have to pay for gas, it’s stress free, I can meet new friends, visit new places, I can commute efficiently, and I have a lot of fun overall riding, this is the future.


Q10: What do you think about the future of electric skateboard as an industry? What are your expectations for the future development of electric skateboard?

A10: I can see a great future of electric skateboards because of the way the technology has been progressing where we have electric skateboards that are able to travel speeds up to 60mph. My expectations for the future of electric skateboards would be technology that is implemented currently in the automotive industry, improved battery life where boards will be able to travel over 100miles, improvements in every aspect overall bringing an exciting future for personal electric vehicles.

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November 19, 2022 — Erin Alyssa

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