ShredTheEGnarl is a great fan of our Eovan. He enjoys his riding and let us see his story now!

Q1: When did you start playing with electric skateboards? What was your first impression of electric skateboards?

A1: I started ESkating about 7 years ago, my first board was an Evolve Carbon board. As soon as I had the first ride I was hooked. I loved the acceleration and speed, endless and effortless carving, I felt like I was looking into the future. Absolutely the coolest thing I had ever purchased.


Q2: How did you get in touch with Eovan electric skateboards? What do you think of Eovan electric skateboards?

A2:I was looking for a new board after having sold my first board a few years back, I watched all the reviews on Youtube, Eovan was one of the boards that caught my eye, reviews were good, power, build quality and style were all part of the package. 

I've had my Carbon GTS for a couple years, I was impressed straight away, the carbon fibre deck, wheels, everything looked amazing. The board is fast, and very agile. I've been hard on the board, I'm an aggressive rider, and the board has held up great. I've taken it on rough dirt and gravel, carved and rode hard, no problems at all so far. I also get many compliments and questions wherever I go. 



Q3: Can you share some of your experiences riding with Eovan skateboards? For example, what places have you been, what interesting things have you met, and can you share some photos?

A3: I've been part of many great group rides here in Calgary, I live downtown by the river and there are many beautiful places to ride. I've also met many interesting people :) I like riding pump tracks, I've taken my board into skateparks for some different terrain. I mostly prefer smooth roads where we can carve really deep and go a little faster.


Q4: What do you think about the Eovan electric skateboard that needs to be improved? Please tell us your most honest thoughts. Any suggestion may be our direction of improvement in the future.

A4:I like to possibly see an app where we can customize settings or on the remote would be best. Being able to adjust the acceleration and braking curves. 

I find the AT hubs on my board require a lot of effort to take apart when changing a tire, I think there are different options now though. 

The bushings that come with the board are ok, I rode on them for a year before I switched them out for Riptide bushings that made a big difference. I also had to switch the grip tape out because it was peeling a little here and there. I really like the design of the Eovan grip tape though.

All these things are pretty minor and all in all the board is awesome.



Q5: What do other electric skateboarders around you think about Eovan skateboards?

A5: Everybody who sees my board loves it and has lots of questions. I don't find many people know of the brand, at least here in Canada except for involved ESkaters.

Everyone is generally impressed with the specs, battery, power etc and everyone loves the way it looks.


Q6: What problems have you encountered while using Eovan electric skateboard? What do you think are the precautions to take when using Eovan electric skateboard? (You can also share your experience of falling down)

A6:I've had a few flat tires on rides. I always carry tools with me, spare tubes, a pump, always prepared for anything that might happen. I always always wear a helmet, body armour is also good if you're pushing the limits.  

Start off slow and learn how to control the throttle with subtle delicate inputs. Riding an Eskate is as dangerous as riding a motorcycle, you have to be hyper aware of your surroundings, don't assume people see you. People aren't used to seeing something move so fast so give them plenty of space. Know your limits don't be dumb, it only takes once to really hurt yourself. Pushing your own limits is a great part of the sport but only when the time and place is right. 

If you do fall, let go of the throttle, you don't want the board to keep speeding off into traffic or off a bridge.



Q7: How long have you known the Eovan brand? Which Eovan skateboards have you used and which one do you think you like the most or are looking forward to the most?

A7: I've had the Carbon GTS for a couple years now. My best friend after riding my board immediately ordered the new GTO SILO.  I can't wait to ride the new board and do a review on it.


Q8: What do you think of Eovan's new GTO SILO?

A8:I'm very excited about the new SILO. The gear drive is an excellent addition, as well as the slightly wider deck. 


Q9: Many people think electric skateboarding is a dangerous sport, what do you think? Why do you like to play electric skateboard?

A9:Electric skateboarding is a dangerous sport, however it's only as dangerous as the person riding it. Regular skateboarding and longboarding is also very dangerous though as there are no brakes. With electric boards you can go as fast or as slow as you like. They are also more stable under your feet. Electric skateboarding is a great way for both young and old, both experienced and inexperienced riders to enjoy skateboarding and progress their skills.  If you take everything you love about regular skateboarding and multiply that by a million and take everything away that you don't like about regular skateboarding (no brakes, kick pushing, rough roads etc) that is what you get with an electric skateboard. Pavement, dirt, grass, uphill, downhill, its all yours to explore. Endless carves and all the smiles.



Q10: What do you think about the future of electric skateboard as an industry? What are your expectations for the future development of electric skateboard?

A10:The future of ESkate industry is limitless. As the technology gets better, batteries get smaller. I'm sure the performance and usability will continue to increase. I think we will start to see skateparks that are made for ESkates begin to be built. Races and events are becoming more and more popular, and I even imagine ESkating becoming more mainstream to the point where major competitions like XGames will start to show more interest. With the addition of bindings things are really taking off. Front flips, back flips and spins are all happening right now. It's only a matter of time before the world takes notice.


Welcome to share your story! 


November 24, 2022 — Erin Alyssa

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