In 2018 Eovan board was founded with a simple mission: to build high-performance and comfortable electric skateboards you can rely on every day.

Peter Chen, the founder of Eovan has always had a passion for skating. He’s always chasing the next adrenaline rush through hobbies like skating, riding motorcycles, or playing RC cars. He's also a super fan of performance muscle cars. Inspired by this, as a speed junkie, Peter created Eovan to bring his love for speed to life.

After riding an electric skateboard in 2018, Peter was hooked and wanted to make it better. At that time, most electric skateboards on the market were clunky and underperforming. So he was just want to upgrade his project to make the best board purely for himself to enjoy. However, he soon realized that the parts and components out on the market were not enough to make the board of his dreams. He started to pay engineers to help design and customize key parts for his board. He soon came to the conclusion that he was onto something. Peter quit his job and spent time and money creating quality parts to use and sell.

One year later, Peter finished his electric skateboard with a custom EOVAN ESC and custom motors which were made by himself and his engineer partners. They kept at it, doing tests and improvements, and later built the company, Eovan Tech. Peter and his engineers wanted to share the new board with riders around the world.

At the time, most electric skateboards on the market were clunky and underperforming. That's why Eovan started with the goal of creating cool skateboards with speed, performance, comfort, and quality as a priority. Peter strives to push boundaries on how far an electric board can take someone on a single charge, with the hope that your electric board can help you commute anywhere.

In order to create the ultimate riding experience, Eovan team designed and produced 6 generations of airless rubber wheels in the past 5 years. The first version flopped and the second to fifth versions were not up to our standards. We've been designing, testing, and optimizing every part of our boards. Luckily, the sixth generation wheel was finally what we were looking for. Any rider can feel a significant difference in ride quality when they put our wheels on their board. So riders like you get to experience the best electric skateboards on a single charge in the world.

In celebration of Eovan's 5th anniversary, we're offering you a great discount. From now on, we have a 7-day lightning sales. All orders over $1500 will enjoy a $300 discount! Are you ready to have your new Eovanboard? Come on and join us! Buy it here.

August 25, 2022 — Erin Alyssa

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