Eovan GTO Silo Belt Drive Electric Skateboard

Preorder-- special discount limited to 100 boards.
$1,499.00 $2,049.00

Transport Type

CNC aluminum alloy gear

Different from plastic pulleys, we use aluminum alloy precision customized gears to further improve the strength and quality of Eovan GTO Silo. Make your riding more free and unrestrained.

Eovan GTO Silo Belt Drive Detail Information

As the most traditional drive system, belt drive has always been the preferred drive system of electric skateboard manufacturers, and is the most important choice for most skateboard enthusiasts. In general, belt drives provide better torque than similarly priced hub systems. They also allow the use of full longboard wheels and also allow for a wider selection of wheels for more DIYers. With this in mind, we also provide a belt version of Eovan GTO Silo. You will get much more acceleration and hill-climbing power with Eovan electric skateboards that have belt-drive motors. Of course, if you want to experience gear drive, you can buy our gear drive set.

Wider Muscle Carbon Deck

Used better carbon fiber for the deck, at a higher cost, in order to further improve its toughness and durability, making it ideal for long-distance riding. The deck is 39 inches (100cm) in length and 11 inches (28cm) in width, and have a comfortable concave to help rider secure their feet.

3500W 6374 Motor

Eovan GTO Silo continues to use the stable 6374 motor, 170KV, with a maximum power of 3500W for a single motor. Equipped with two high-power and high-efficiency motors, it has good heat dissipation, low noise, longer service life, and a maximum speed of over 60 km/h.


The use of shock absorption systems and special materials such as rubber reduces the impact of road vibrations on the vehicle body, improving riding comfort and stability.

The surface is designed with anti-slip texture, providing better grip and anti-slip performance, especially in wet and rainy conditions, which can better maintain the stability of the vehicle and reduce the risk of slipping.

Up to 60+km/h
50~60KM Range
≧40% Hill climbing
2.4G wireless Remote
12S5P Battery
12S 50.4V/3500*2 6374 Motor
Powerful EOVAN ESC with smart functions
Off-road terrain exciting riding
Solid AT wheels & GT wheels
Street terrain smooth riding

Top Speed: 60+Km/h
Range: 50~60km
Motor: 3500W*2 performance 6374 motors
Hill Climing: ≧40%
Battery: 12S5P Battery | 21Ah
Deck: Muscle Carbon Deck Maroon Red
Deck Szie: 100cm*28.8cm upgraded width
Truck Type: DKP
Drive Gear/Pulley: Precision CNC custom made with manganese-titanium alloy
Wheels: AT & RS GT
Drive Mode: 1/2/3/4
Remote: wireless | large battery | high speed & low battery warning
Weight: 16kg / 35.27Ibs
Max Load: 130 kg / 286 lbs
Braking: Smooth but powerful braking control with regenerative recharging

Please note when you get the board :

We already made the boards with best settings on ESC program,Please don’t upgrate the program to the newest version, or modify the settings if you are not professional with this. if you really got problem with the board and need reset the program, please contact us for technical support!

In fact, you will be able to set up your board by remote totally, including the wheel diameter, gear radio, you can customized your board to be best for your style!

What's in the box

– 1* GTO Silo Board

– 1* GTo Remote

– 1* Logo Sticker

– 1* Remote Charging Cable

– 1* Fast Charger(50.4V/5A)

– 1* User Manual

– 1* T tool

– 2* 3mm hexagon wrench key

– 1* Spare Parts


How long will the order to be shipped after the purchase is finsihed ?

A: Normally we will ship your board/parts out in 2~3days.

What’s the delivery time for my order?

it depends on which country and which city are you located and shipping by air or by sea.
The estimated delivery time are offered when you choose the transportation way for your order. Possible reasons of shipping delay: weather condition, unexpected schedule changes, short-term shortage, national holiday, peak time deliveries, etc.

When can i have a tracking number and check the details?

Normally we will offer you tracking number by mail in 24hours after we ship your order out. and you will be able to track the details after the package arrives your country and finish the custom clearance. it will take 7~10days for shipping by air and 25~30days for shipping by sea.

Please note: The tracking status would stay “in transit” and would not be updated until the parcel has finished custom clearance and passed to the local delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
David Rosas
New Silo Belt

My one year review on the new GTO Silo Belt. First about me. I own 6 other E-Skateboards and ride regularly with a group. I also own the older version the Eovan GTS Carbon Super. The GTS Carbon super is a great E-Board. It had a few issues with the remote but overall the performance is awesome. When I first heard that Eovan was introducing a new E-Board and it was going to be and up-grade to the GTS Carbon Super, I was excited. So I preorder it and few months later it arrive, I was ok with my order taking longer than I anticipated because I was going to get the latest bad ass E-board. I order the Silo belt because I ride different terrains and the belt version is easier to switch wheels and pully's. When it finally arrived I air up the tires and charge the battery. Then my friends and I took to our usual place we ride. It is a twenty five mile ride with payment and dirt trails. I took this route to compare the mileage to my other boards. It was disappointing, a feel miles short from homebase the battery was drained and had to get a ride home. My go to E-Skateboard has a smaller battery (19.2ah 852wh) and only use about 3/4 of the battery on the same ride. When I got home I inspected the wheels and pulley. I was surprised to see that the metal pulley was rubbing against the motor bracket. So I tried rotating my front wheel to the back to check if maybe that would help, but the front wheel didn't fit into the back pulley. The hub was not cut to correct size to fit the back pulley. So I emailed Eovan and let them know my problem with the new GTO Silo board. They said, to send them pictures and they will send me spacers for the back wheels and a new hub for the damage one. So I sent them the pic's and never heard from them again. They stop answering my emails. It was an easy fix, I order parts from a different company and got it going.

So my review of the new GTO Silo belt. After I added new spacers to rear wheels, I still did not get the mileage I thought I would get. I still get better mileage on my other e-boards. The new trucks are awesome, they are a little on the soft side, although they are great for sharp turns and carving. But if you are new to E-Skateboarding you will want to buy stiffer bushings. Even my friends with experience think they are too loose for them. The new Silo board does not accelerate as fast as the GTS carbon super. The deck on the silo feels to wide, it makes it difficult to find your center of gravity when at high speeds or riding dirt trails. I am left handed and I like that the remote could be use left or right hand. However I have had the remote randomly get disconnected a few times and lose control of the board, that could really hurt someone. If I was not on a open range I would have ran into someone or a car. The silo board is not a safe especially if you are a new rider. Buy the GTS super it is much better than the GTO Silo. I only ride the GTO silo on a long trail with no traffic and avoid public streets.

Rick James Smallwood
I like the board - but I cannot get hold of them for customer service and sales

I was recommended them because of customer services - if you are reeading this Eovan - you are destroying your own business, gradually

I have a broken remote, thts all

Todd B
GTO Silo

Finally arrived. Happy as with the board. Bushings are a little to soft but besides that super happy

Todd B
Anxiously waiting

I'd love to give a review however I am still waiting for my 2 orders to arrive. The Eovan GTO Silo belt driven and also a/t wheels & engine protector. Orders were confirmed 2 weeks ago today & the platforms used to track my order are useless. Doesn't recognise the tracking number, have had little to know clue what's going on. Received a reply to my enquiry saying my order was clearing customs in Sydney 5 days ago. The lack of actual tracking information & status has made what should have been an enjoyable purchase into a process of one that is deterring me from future orders that use Shop or after shop platform for shipping and tracking information/details/order updates.

allan manchuk
GTO carbon silo

Charger fan crapped out quit working on 2nd charge. Wheels very unbalanced by 3/4 oz. Bushings soft as marshmallows.


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