The new Eovan electric skateboard you've been waiting for is here!

Hello, everyone Have you been waiting eagerly same like me?
After a year of waiting
Our new products are coming soon!


Gear Drive Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboard
The Top Speed is 58km/h and the Range is More Than 65km

Brand New Optimized and Upgraded

12S5P 21700 battery pack with a total capacity of 21AH
provide powerful range for smooth and long-lasting skating fun

equipped with 2*3500W 6374 motors with high power & efficiency
low noise, wear resistance and longer service life

new Eovan ESC adopts custom Hobbywing ESC
features superb acceleration linear and  intelligent control system

gear drive system is made of 20CR MO TI material
higher efficiency and minimized belt wear or breakage during riding

EOVAN II generation double-kingpin truck
according to your habit to switch between DKP and TKP

redesigned board deck with upgraded width for superior strength and toughness
more appropriate foot socket offers comfort 

boasts 40% climbing performance 
it is not limited to moving on flat roads and easily through steep slopes

Parameter Comparison

50km/hTop Seed58km/h
100*24cmDeck Size100*28cm

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  • O TranOct 21, 2022

    I tried to order this… I think it was the wrong one that got ordered.

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