Eovan GTS Super RS125 Airless Rubber Wheel


More Smoother, Faster and Safer

  • Diameter: 125 mm
  • Width: 66 mm
  • Hardness: 70A
  • Material: Silicone Rubber
  • Wheel core: Precision CNC Aluminum Alloy
  • Wheel type: Airless Rubber & Thick Tire
  • Feature: Special tire pattern and curved angle design
  • Applied for: Evolve…
  • Bones bearings
  • All Wheels will be shipped with Bearings
  • All Drive Gear and Pulleys are Precision CNC made with quality Aluminium Alloy
  • It’s easy to swap our Drive Gear and Pulleys and match with different wheels(core shape)
  • We will offer one set(2pcs belt) free for all customers who orders  wheels*4+Gear with pulley*2

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
RS125 wheels 👍👍

The best looking wheels I’ve seen. Shipping was quite fast. These RS125 wheels are built extremely well and seem indestructible (that said, they are very heavy- probably the heaviest I know of). Only complaint- I thought they’d be a little softer. The rubber is quite hard, making the ride a bit stiffer than I expected. Even so, they ride nicely (maybe just a hint stiffer than the 120mm cloudwheels). Great wheels👍

City Surfa
Awesome wheels!

I love these wheels. They are so much fun to ride, and they are very comfortable & durable.

Wilson Meredith
Smooith Ride

Very smooth ride and low profile over all on my board. Only draw back was that I lost some range but I'm planing a battery upgrade anyway.

Steve Cossette
Super RS125 Airless Rubber

Thoses wheels are amazing!!!
Perfectly balanced, reactive, they grip like hell and are very stable at high speed.
Rapid wear is the price to pay for all that grip.
Tight carvings pushed to the limits with ease and confidence...
And they looks pretty awsome!!!

Great looking tires

I put them on my evolve GT a long with their red motor mounts and looks so amazing and rides great!