Eovan GTS Carbon Super All Terrain Electric Skateboard

More Than Performance. First EOVAN ESC Set Up Muscle Board With Smart Functions.

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GTS Carbon Super Detail Unboxing Review

EOVAN GTS SUPER Unboxing & First Impressions!

This time my detailed unboxing and first impressions of the all new Eovan GTS Carbon Super electric skateboard! Probably one of the best unboxing experiences I've had so far with any board. Enjoy!

First look at the EOVAN GTS SUPER

The Eovan GTS super is a totally new board compared to the GTS.

EOVAN GTS Carbon Super / It's another "BEAST"

I'm not sure if you can feel it on the screen, but the movement of the board is really smooth and stable.

Higher Performance Eovan Board

We keep the battery pack same as one year ago, but improved the waterproof ability and the GTS Carbon Super still has a huge capacity of 852Wh, with 12S4P Panasnoic 21700 fat cells. Our customers are happy with the range and power.

New deck has been refined with better concave and more stronger structure design, same time with a new color on the carbon layer. No more balck color decks.

3500W Dual Powerful Motor

We upgraded the motors from 6368(3000W) to 6374(3500W), offers bigger out put power and higher performance on acceleration, braking and clmibing than last version. 

Smooth, Safe & Comfortable Ride

Having enough power is mere half the battle, making the ride smooth, safe, and comfortable is the next step. We designed the super RS series airless rubber wheels to conquer the rough road ahead.

Offered in 105mm and 125mm with a 66mm width, the increased diameter and squish of the Super RS wheels enables the rider to roll over most cracks and bumps. Our Super RS wheel with 70A hardness offers a great grip and better steering response, faster acceleration, accurate cornering, and shorter stopping distances.

No matter which one you choose, Eovan RS rubber wheels are grippier and prevent slippage better than standard polyurethane wheels and cloudwheels, especially for higher performance boards.


Muscle Carbon Deck Maroon Red


6374/170KV High Torque Belt Drive


Eovan Designed Airless Rubber Wheels


The Eovan controller is compatible with VESC -Tool(* VESC is a registered trademark owned by Mr. Benjamin Vedder)after one more year of R&D working,our engineer team upgraded both hardware and software, new generation ESC is more than powerful, high performance is unquestionable, it’s the first EOVAN ESC which can be set up by remote totally and same time designed with smart functions.

What we created is a real professional version of EOVAN ESC for electric skateboard.

Up to 50~60km/h
45~65KM Range
46~50% Hill climbing
2.4G wireless Colorscreen Remote
Panasonic 12S4P Pack852Wh Tesla 21700 fat cells
6374/170KV/3500*2Out-Runner Motor
Powerful EOVAN ESC with smart functions
Off-road terrain exciting riding
Solid AT wheels & Penumatic AT wheels
Street terrain smooth riding

TOP SPEED: 50~60km/h
RANGE: 45~65km
MOTOR: 3500W*2 performance 6374 motors
Belt tension: YES
HILLS: 46%~50%
BATTERY: Panasonic 21700 battery pack 12S4P | 852Wh
DECK : Muscle Carbon Deck Maroon Red
DECK Szie : 41inch*10 inch longer and wider enough
Drive Gear/Pulley: Precision CNC custom made with aluminum alloy
WHEELS: Eovan Super RSSeries & AT Series
Driving Model: L/D/S/EOVAN Race mode 20kph/35kph/45kph/50~60km/h
Remote: Wireless | big battery | color screen | high speed & low battery warning
MAX LOAD: 130 kg / 286 lbs
BRAKING: Smooth but powerful braking control with regenerative recharging

Please note when you get the board :

We already made the boards with best settings on ESC program,Please don’t upgrate the program to VESC’ newest version, or modify the settings if you are not professional with this. if you really got problem with the board and need reset the program, please contact us for technical support!

In fact, you will be able to set up your board by remote totally, including the wheel diameter, gear radio, stand by time, even different acceleration/braking level for different speed level on the remote. you can customized your board to be best for your style!

And new smart functions:
Power on the board to go by just remote
Lock the board when you stop and get off

What's in the box

– 1* GTS Carbon Super board

– 1* GTS Remote(color screen)

– 1 or 2 sets wheels (street or AT wheel or mix )

-1 or 2 sets of pulleys for your wheels(1 set pulley for 1 set of wheel)

– 2 or 4 sets of belts for your wheels(2 pairs of belt for 1 set of wheel)

– 1* Fast Charger(50.4V/5A)

– 1* User Manual

– 1* T tool

– A 3mm hexagon wrench key

– 4 pcs bearings and 8 pcs washers as spare


How long will the order to be shipped after the purchase is finsihed ?

A: Normally we will ship your board/parts out in 2~3days.

What’s the delivery time for my order?

it depends on which country and which city are you located and shipping by air or by sea.
The estimated delivery time are offered when you choose the transportation way for your order. Possible reasons of shipping delay: weather condition, unexpected schedule changes, short-term shortage, national holiday, peak time deliveries, etc.

When can i have a tracking number and check the details?

Normally we will offer you tracking number by mail in 24hours after we ship your order out. and you will be able to track the details after the package arrives your country and finish the custom clearance. it will take 7~10days for shipping by air and 25~30days for shipping by sea.

Please note: The tracking status would stay “in transit” and would not be updated until the parcel has finished custom clearance and passed to the local delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Ali Rakie
Best-in-class board

The GTS Carbon Super caught my eye with its remarkably gorgeous design. The red on black colour palette gives the board a very premium look, like a super car. The battery being mounted inside the deck contributes to the overall sleekness. I get an easy 45-50 kilometres of range on 175mm AT pneumatic tires on a single charge, with some charge remaining. The AT pneumatic wheels cushion road imperfections and trail paths. The top speed is more than I would ever need, the torque is instant, and the brakes are powerful. The VESC is awesome, and you can customize the throttle and braking from the remote itself. I strongly recommend adjusting the curves for your preference as I found the acceleration way too strong.

Do note that this board uses double king-pin trucks, and it takes a bit of getting used to. Nothing too complicated, but the ride feel is noticeably different than boards with single king-pin trucks. If you plan on ordering shred lights, I found that the standard mounts work perfectly on the top of the front trucks, while the angled mounted may be better suited for the top of the rear trucks. I installed standard mounts on the rear trucks and ended up having to slice part of the antenna's rubber cover to get it to sit properly. The board is capable of being carried with a backpack designed to carry e-boards on your back, motors facing up (my bag is the Slick Revolution backpack).

Originally ordered to Edmonton, Alberta, the wait time between order confirmation and arrival was under 1 month and within Eovan's shipping estimates. This board offers more than other boards in its class, all for a great price. You will not go wrong with a GTS Carbon Super.

Hi dear Ali

Thank you for these kind words. Glad to see that you are enjoying the ride and your feedback means a lot to us. If you need any help in the future, please feel free to contact us! Enjoy your play!

Eovan Team

Michael Page
King of the midrange offroad performance boards

A great performance board that I can achieve 50km of range on flat sealed surface, as a 90kg rider, using the 125mm rubber wheels and CNC hubs. I have been able to reach speeds up to 55km/h and feel safe and secure on the board. It would be nice in the future if further customisation of the acceleration curve was available on the remote, as the current setting only help so much. Sometimes there is too much immediate power available, but that power is helpful in going up extreme inclines. Adding Molicel battery cells instead of Panasonic would also improve the board, as there is some voltage sag under 20% battery. The only board I would consider in favour over this board is the Propel Endeavour as it has spring suspension, however the Eovan GTS Super is priced much lower when taking shipping into consideration, and the Propel boards are the early stages of the higher price range. This board is much faster and more stable than the Meepo Hurricane, with a wider deck and less aggressive W curve, which helps with foot fatigue over long distances.

This is a four and a half star board. The shipping was just under 3 weeks to Australia, which is quite fast in the electric skateboard industry. Thank you Eovan.

Gerard Whyte
It’s pretty darn good

I have owned this board for about 1 month, I ride this board everyday, it has a powerful, and smooth acceleration. Is very stable at high speeds of +50kmh. I usually ride on the 175mm pneumatic tyres, I have noticed them to wear down quickly, but they provide amazing grip and roll over any bump in the road, also good fun off-road. I am unable to get the advertised range of 50-55km, mainly I think because it is just too much fun to accelerate hard and go fast. With my riding style and weight (90kg) I usually get a range of about 40km on 175mm AT with 15% battery left, on mostly flat paved roads. I really push this board hard, and the big 6368 motors never over heat. I am able to climb hills that my friends boards cannot.
I replaced the stock grip tape with dope grip, because I found the stock grip to be poorly designed, leaving the soles of my feet very sore after only about 10kms. It made longer rides unbearable. Also the stock grip started to fall apart a little bit after literally the first ride. I think eovan should reconsider they’re choice of grip tape on this one. Apart from that one problem, which I was able to easily fix, I have only good things to say about the GTS Carbon Pro. I strongly recommend this product.

Outsider R
Great board, worth the money and wait!

I received my GTS Carbon Pro about a month and a half after I made the purchase. For less than 2 weeks I got over 220km on it. Fantastic peace of equipment.
Check out my videos about it on my little channel:


Awesome board

Board feels great, very powerful, battery is HUGE - only problem for me are the bushings, I recommend getting stronger ones if you don't want to fall at high speed like I did ^^'