Eovan Electric Skateboard AT 175MM Wheels

  • 175mm*50mm high quality Pneumatic Tire
  • CNC Precision made Pulleys & Wheel Core
  • Better concentricity and quality
  • More durable than any plastic wheel cores/pulleys
  • Fit different size pulleys(60T/66T)
  • 60T for top speed 55km/h+
  • 66T for bigger torque and top speed of 50km/h
  • Quick Installation

*Please note the Tianium Silver version is not CNC metal made. it's synthetic plastics made.

All Terrain Wheels assembled with rims and bearings

4 Pcs of 1 Set in one Boxes

1* set Aluminium Alloy 60T/66T Pulley(2pcs)

Buy full set of wheels to get 1 pair of belt free!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Hisaiah Denbraver

I love this 7" wheels and I always want red colors too. Super smooth

Max (tacesk8

First of all my biggest wow moment was that these came in 6 days to usa (Washington State). The quality of these wheels is amazing, the tires are mostly designed for roads due to the smallish tread. This is nothing bad, the wheels have labels and everything is legit. The rims are metal, (aluminum i think) have their logo on it too. Bearings are great too (8mm) my AT board uses 10mm axles so I will be swapping them. These wheels can be put on any 8mm axle and 10mm when bearings are swapped. The pullies are metal too (aluminum I think) when holding everything it seems all super high quality. Comes with two belts.
(My only concern would be that Eovan should ship it with couple extra replacement tubes)
Overall highly satisfied and recommend it. (I'll have some content regarding them on Instagram and YouTube check out tacesk8)

Jason Edwards
Solid wheels

Wheels are great and high quality. My only criticism is they use rubber sleeves for the pulley which are very thin and ripped the first time I changed these out. I can see needing a ton of these with as much as I ride. Aside from that no issues.

Ed Gimenez Jr
Love the rims

The rims and new wheels look great . Love my gts pro
And I wish I could of waited for the super cause I love the all red and black .

adam caldwell
175mm AT

got to say one of the smoothes tire i've been on love it will never go back to any other wheel i'm spoiled now... ride safe

check out my Youtube channel at Youtube.com/eridesexplore