Eovan Super RS 105 Airless Rubber Wheels

Most Smooth, Performace and Comfortable.


Professional Design (Patented)

The Rubber Tire with Honeycomb hole design offers extreme excellent damping ability,  same time the unique tire tread and special curved angel  increase  better grip and anti-skid force of the wheels during accleration, high speed sliding and braking.

Ride Smooth beyond your image

Super RS wheel with 70A hardness offers Great grip, most comfortable and smoothest riding experience which is best ever for the electric skateboard.

Ultimate Fun

The CGO600 senses your every move and matches your pace, amplifying the fun. Experience the freedom of assisted urban exploration.


Diameter: 105 mm

Width: 66 mm

Hardness: 70A

Material: Silicone Rubber

Wheel core: Precision CNC Aluminum Alloy

Wheel type: Airless Rubber

Feature: Special Tire Pattern and Curved Angle Design

Applied for: Evolve

Bones bearings

What's in the box

Wheels*2 / Wheels*4 / Wheels*4 + 50T pulley gear*2

Customer Reviews

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cody Williams
105 rubber

Best tires money can buy don't waste your time with cloud Wheels or blue 110s