Eovan GTS Carbon Super Electric Skateboard

Preorder-- special discount limited to 100 boards.
$1,199.00 $1,499.00

Wheels Type
Transport Type

3500W 6374 Motor

Eovan GTS Carbon Super continues to use the stable 6374 motor, 170KV, with a maximum power of 3500W for a single motor. Equipped with two high-power and high-efficiency motors, it has good heat dissipation, low noise, longer service life, and a maximum speed of over 60 km/h.


Having enough power is mere half the battle, making the ride smooth, safe, and comfortable is the next step. We designed the super RS series airless rubber wheels to conquer the rough road ahead.Offered in 105mm and 125mm with a 66mm width, the increased diameter and squish of the Super RS wheels enables the rider to roll over most cracks and bumps. Our Super RS wheel with 70A hardness offers a great grip and better steering response, faster acceleration, accurate cornering, and shorter stopping distances.

No matter which one you choose, Eovan RS rubber wheels are grippier and prevent slippage better than standard polyurethane wheels and cloudwheels, especially for higher performance boards.

You can easily DIY all kinds of wheels

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after one more year of R&D working,our engineer team upgraded both hardware and software, new generation ESC is more than powerful, high performance is unquestionable, it’s the first EOVAN ESC which can be set up by remote totally and same time designed with smart functions.

What we created is a real professional version of EOVAN ESC for electric skateboard.


The use of shock absorption systems and special materials such as rubber reduces the impact of road vibrations on the vehicle body, improving riding comfort and stability.

The surface is designed with anti-slip texture, providing better grip and anti-slip performance, especially in wet and rainy conditions, which can better maintain the stability of the vehicle and reduce the risk of slipping.

CNC aluminum alloy gear

Unlike plastic pulleys, we use aluminum alloy precision CNC gears to further improve the strength and quality of Eovan GTS Carbon Super. Make your ride more free-spirited.

Up to 50~60km/h
45~65KM Range
≧40% Hill climbing
2.4G wireless Colorscreen Remote
12S4P Battery
12S 50.4V/3500*2 6374 Motor
Powerful EOVAN ESC with smart functions
Off-road terrain exciting riding
Solid AT wheels & GT wheels
Street terrain smooth riding

TOP SPEED: 50~60km/h

RANGE: 45~65km
MOTOR: 3500W*2 performance 6374 motors
Belt tension: YES
HILLS: 46%~50%
BATTERY: Panasonic 21700 battery pack 12S4P | 852Wh
DECK : Muscle Carbon Deck Maroon Red
DECK Szie : 41inch*10 inch longer and wider enough
Drive Gear/Pulley: Precision CNC custom made with aluminum alloy
WHEELS: Eovan Super RSSeries & AT Series
Driving Model: L/D/S/EOVAN Race mode 20kph/35kph/45kph/50~60km/h
Remote: Wireless | big battery | color screen | high speed & low battery warning
MAX LOAD: 130 kg / 286 lbs
BRAKING: Smooth but powerful braking control with regenerative recharging

Please note when you get the board :

We already made the boards with best settings on ESC program,Please don’t upgrate the program to VESC’ newest version, or modify the settings if you are not professional with this. if you really got problem with the board and need reset the program, please contact us for technical support!

In fact, you will be able to set up your board by remote totally, including the wheel diameter, gear radio, stand by time, even different acceleration/braking level for different speed level on the remote. you can customized your board to be best for your style!

And new smart functions:
Power on the board to go by just remote
Lock the board when you stop and get off

What's in the box

– 1* GTS Carbon Super board

– 1* GTS Remote(color screen)

– 1 or 2 sets wheels (street or AT wheel or mix )

-1 or 2 sets of pulleys for your wheels(1 set pulley for 1 set of wheel)

– 2 or 4 sets of belts for your wheels(2 pairs of belt for 1 set of wheel)

– 1* Fast Charger(50.4V/5A)

– 1* User Manual

– 1* T tool

– A 3mm hexagon wrench key

– 4 pcs bearings washers as spare


How long will the order to be shipped after the purchase is finsihed ?

A: Normally we will ship your board/parts out in 2~3days.

What’s the delivery time for my order?

it depends on which country and which city are you located and shipping by air or by sea.
The estimated delivery time are offered when you choose the transportation way for your order. Possible reasons of shipping delay: weather condition, unexpected schedule changes, short-term shortage, national holiday, peak time deliveries, etc.

When can i have a tracking number and check the details?

Normally we will offer you tracking number by mail in 24hours after we ship your order out. and you will be able to track the details after the package arrives your country and finish the custom clearance. it will take 7~10days for shipping by air and 25~30days for shipping by sea.

Please note: The tracking status would stay “in transit” and would not be updated until the parcel has finished custom clearance and passed to the local delivery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews

Don't buy this board it will be a mistake

I bought the GTS carbon last Christmas and I loved it, I rode it any chance I got to, but the problems started off by the controller and board randomly disconnecting from each other. It was at first only happening every once and a while arfter the 100 mile mark, but now it has gotten to the point where I don't feel safe riding it anymore. My last time riding it kept turning off every like 45 seconds and I would have to stop and spend probably 1-2 minutes getting it to connect again. But the worst part was once it disconnected while I was going around 27 mph. I was casualy riding and out of nowhere with no warning it turned off, and threw me off and cut me up pretty bad. This is around the 300 miles mark.

It doesn't end there either. Getting in contact with customer service is a nightmare, at first they gave me answers really quickly and that was nice but the second I talk about sending it back to get fixed or having them send me part to fix it myself they went completely radio silent. And refuse to answer any of my emails also the only customer service team can barely speak English, but what I got from them is they wanted me to come to China and have them fix it there. this is also within the (6 month warranty) do keep in mind.

I'm also pretty sure most of these reviews on here are immediatey right when they get the board. If you look on Eovan reddit page people are having similar problems and stories with people not getting the money back or not even getting their boards.
So im basically out $1200 and nothing to show for it except a broken board and a nice hole in my bank.

In conclusion STAY AWAY from this company the price may be attractive but the board is built with cheap internals.
I hope you were able to read this and my nightmare experience before you buy one.


I’ve had my GTSCarbon super for 18 months now, rode 2000 miles in that time. I love it. I have used the street 125mm, the pneumatics 175mm and currently use cloud wheel rovers. The board kicks ass. I recommend it. Super fast and fun. Didn’t live the grip tape so I replaced it with surfboard pads. Best move I made! Highly recommended. I still rarely use race mode, sport mode is great all day. Battery sag for sure at 25%, but you can go far before that. Easily 25 miles.

It’s pretty awesome

The deck is really nice and comfortable and trucks curve like butter!

Sanjay St. Lawrence
It's incredible

This board feels like it wants to kill me in every mode, it's insane. Drive mode (speed mode 2 out of 4) has a good top speed and has enough torque to wake me up as is, so I use that most of the time. I tried sport mode (speed mode 3 out of 4) today and the torque was damned terrifying, I'd probably shit my pants if I tried race mode lol. The trucks are stable when you want them to be and yet I could just flick my body left into a hairpin in an instant as well, the nimbleness is also insane. The fastest I've been so far is 27 mph and I legitimately felt like I was on an RKP board, just had to exercise a little more caution; I think the length of the standing area on the deck due to the minimal dropdown being so great really contributes to the stability you can achieve. Overall, I'd say it's incredibly responsive. There is literally one thing that can be improved on and that's the battery cell; it voltage sags more than I would like when there's the p42a, which has almost no sag. Other than that, buy this thing!!

James Atkins
Super board

Takes my 230lb self up large inclines with ease while accelerating. The power is unreal!!! It will throw you if you don’t calibrate your throttle, but once you do get used to it being able to hit it and get going so fast so quick is incredible!!! Many other features I’ve yet to learn as I’m coming from a very rudimentary board. Get one! Ya won’t regret it


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