What's your reason for buying an electric skateboard? Here are 6 things to look out for when buying an electric skateboard.


  1. Deck

The Deck is like a human skeleton and is the main structure supporting the electric skateboard. Commonly used materials are aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and other materials, do not choose too light for the weight of the body (this means how much the bearing capacity of the load is). The overall weight of the body is more suitable at 10-15kg. If it is too heavy, you need to consider your personal arm strength.


  1. Motor

The motor is like the human heart, it is a brushless motor, which has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, low running sound, high efficiency and long life. For the motor power W, the greater the power, the faster the speed; usually we look at the rated power, and the peak power is the maximum power that can be exerted in a short time, and does not represent the real strength of the motor. For electric vehicles, the higher the motor power, the better. However, due to the overall structure of the electric skateboard, excessive motor power is wasted (unusable). It is like a person who can eat a lot. It is good if all energy can be converted. , but only half of it can be converted, and the other half is converted into fat, which is a waste.


  1. Battery

The battery is mainly a lithium battery, which has the advantages of high efficiency, light volume and long life, but the price is also expensive.

Voltage: V; battery capacity Ah/Wh

The higher the voltage, the stronger the power (climbing); the larger the capacity, the stronger the battery life.


  1. Tires

Mainly divided into: tubeless tires (more durable); inner and outer tires (widely used); solid tires (durable but not shock-absorbing)


  1. Shock Absorption

The first is that the larger the tire size, the better, because the smaller the tire, the worse the shock absorption effect.

Secondly, due to structural problems, the electric skateboard only has a shock absorption device at the front wheel bracket connected to the front wheel, because the front wheel bears the largest force, and it is usually a spring device. Due to the long compression stroke of the spring, when it is reset, the The resulting elastic force cannot be offset, so the shock absorption is general, and the specific gap is also determined by the person's weight.


  1. Continuity

Of course, the longer the battery life, the better, but the longer the battery life, the more expensive the price, the stronger the battery life, and the fewer charging times. You can choose the electric skateboard that suits you according to your actual needs.


So what is your opinion?

September 15, 2022 — Erin Alyssa

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