Halloween is coming! Eovan GTS Carbon Super is waiting for you! 

We're offering you a great discount for Halloween Sale. All orders over $1499 will enjoy a $200 discount! Are you ready to have your new Eovanboard? Come on and join us! Buy it here.

 You are looking at our high-performance electric skateboards on the market.
I would recommend Eovan GTS Carbon Super All Terrain Electric Skateboard for its feature of all-terrain adaptation. Without a doubt, if you compare speed, range, and price together, you won't find another production with such a good performance.

Next you will see our Eovan GTS Carbon Super Street Electric Skateboard, a smart, durable, and powerful electric shortboard with 3500watts stronger motor.

For the Eovan GTS Carbon Super Combination Pack, you can choose a combination according to your demands. Different combinations provide a confortable, upgraded, and personalized riding experience!



October 19, 2022 — Echo Yang

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