This board is not only performance boad but allarounder I commute with it.

I used to ride skateboard when I was a child ober 30 years ago.

First I saw casey nestat about 10 uears ago with boosted and since then I wanted to get one.
I needed something to get to the train as the busses where stuck in traffic. I used public scooters for some time but it was difficult becouse of wear of public scooters and I have to search for them in the morning. I was wondering buying one for myself but it is heavy, bulky and becouse a lot of people use them there are law limitations.
I started looking for esk8.
I was looking for something which is light and have great battery to be able to get back from work 25km in hot days.
It turned out that all the boards are about 1000$ and if I add 500$ more and risk unknown brand I ll have performance board with parameters like those worth 3000$.
Now I did over 1000km on the board in the city and in the forest and I think the board is undestructable, fast, light with plastic wheels  and have great range. just few things to fix like the grip tape as a solid and the board should be best of the best in this price range.
PS: Thanks for our best friend W write down his experience!
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September 24, 2022 — Erin Alyssa

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