Hi ! This is a quick feed back from Guillaume Esk8Bricks.

About the gear drive set:

Pros :
- Very compact system which seems solid : helical gears system with 3*14x30x50 (for 155 mm wheels) It has a seal to protect the gears from water, dust etc.
- Allows to ride without any stress about a belt snap, low maintenance (grease every 1000/2000 km depending of the use) and much better for off road use : no worry about a pebble which could be stuck between the pulley and the belt (already broke a pulley due to that…)
- Sounds very nice ! A detail of course

-According to Eovan Skateboard, the gear system is more efficient: I personally couldn't test it cause it is very cold here. Numbers would have been bad (below or a bit over 0° c here in France...)

Cons :
-Heavier : see numbers -> around 700grs heavier
-Lose the possibility to switch wheels for another diameter ; this is probably the biggest problem but if you always use the same wheel… it is not.
-You need to buy new gear drive with different gear ratio (14/30/40) for rs 125mm rubber wheels : and switch the whole part takes lot of time, much more than simply switch for another pulley size.

Behaviour :

It doesn’t really change things when you ride, but it seems smoother than Belt drive system. Specially when you re-accelerate. Ratio is slightly different than the one with belt (15/50) so you may feel a better acceleration but almost not perceptible.

About the DKP Gen  :

They use new orange bushings which are normally 92A but… they feel like much less ! I switched them with original ones from my GTS Carbon super cause I wanted to compare the two trucks with same bushing configuration in order to be the more objective as possible !
And the result is that the new ones have a better turning radius : see the video, turning radius is outstanding and despite that, the trucks stay really stables (hit 50km/h without wobbles problem which is confirmed by Scott Davies in his video.

Conclusion :
So for me, this new gear drives worth the extra price : low maintenance, more efficient, more reliable, more "solid" on off road use.
But : if you got a belt drive system, keep it if you like to switch wheels and/or if you like to play with gear ratio to max top speed or acceleration.
If you intend to buy a GTO Silo, I would directly go on the gear drive system option without any hesitation.

Feel free to ask anything about this review !

February 07, 2023 — Erin Alyssa


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