After unveiling the launching news on social media, many users asked us what is the biggest highlight of the new version upgrade. Read and you will have an answer!

In order to improve the transmission efficiency of the skateboard, this time we upgraded a gear transmission system.

1. Utilize the optimal material. In order to ensure the durability of the gearbox, our gears are made of 20CR MO TI material, which is hardened by carburizing and quenching process. Not only makes the appearance more exquisite and textured, but it also optimizes the capability of wear resistance.

2. Adopt a helical gear design to make the transmission more efficient. Compared with the belt wear problem that often occurs in belt-type skateboards, EOVAN GTO SILO achieves the most efficient reduction of vibration amplitude. It extends the life of the skateboard transmission system and provides a more comfortable riding experience because of the noise reduction.

After our repeated tests, the transmission efficiency is greatly increased after the transmission system exceeds the 100-kilometer running-in period. The gear transmission will increase the efficiency by more than 25% than the belt transmission.

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October 17, 2022 — Echo Yang


Sam Brayton said:

Can the belt drive be converted to a gear dive?

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